The client has signed the contract that was sent by Esther Clark, meaning that she has agreed to the terms and conditions of the design process and policies.

All payments will be handled via invoices, which will be sent periodically per the dates stated on the Timeline. The total cost is split up into two payments.

The client will do her best to stick closely to the timeline provided by Esther Clark. The Client understands that if she falls too far behind on the timeline, her project will be bumped until Esther Clark's availability is open again.

Esther will complete an initial design draft and upload it to the "proofs" page, where the client will be able to view it and request revisions. Up to three rounds of revisions are included and additional revisions can be requested for a fee. Once the final proof has been approved, no further changes can be made. Any changes requested after approval of the final proof will incur fees. The finished invitations will not be shipped until all of the invoices have been paid in full. 

The Client accepts that Esther Clark has a defined calligraphy style that cannot be customized. The Client may select an existing calligraphy style, but is not able to manipulate Esther Clark's handwriting or letters.

If the client approves incorrect text in the final proof (misspellings, spacing error, etc), we will not be held responsible. If the client discovers such an error after printing has taken place, we will pay for 20% of the reprinting costs and the client will be responsible for all remaining costs. If the prints the client receives do not match the approved proof, we will be responsible for reprinting all affected items free of charge.

If the Clients' items are damaged before they leave our studio, we will take full responsibility for the reprinting of your items free of charge. We cannot accept full responsibility if your items are damaged in the mail. We will offer to pay for 20% of the cost if you choose to have the invitations reprinted. 

The Client accepts that ink, paper, and envelope colors may appear slightly different in hand than they appear on screen. The colors will vary slightly between computer systems and monitors. 

If the Client is using handmade paper, she accepts that each card and/or envelope will vary slightly in shape, size, texture, color, and weight. This is part of the loveliness of handmade paper and we feel that it adds beauty to the design.

Due to the artisan and custom nature of our product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

All artwork is copyrighted to Esther Clark Illustration & Calligraphy and cannot be reproduced, duplicated or repurposed in any form or by any means, nor may derivative works be made.

I agree to the above Terms and Conditions.