1. Place your order. Choose your suite, fill out the information forms, customize your invitations (this includes your ink and envelope colors, printing method, and paper selection), add any embellishments you’d like, and complete your purchase through the checkout. The color that you choose for your ink will carry through every piece of the invitation suite, from main invitation to RSVP card to detail card to vellum overlay (Trenwith and Payneswick suites are the only two suites that include vellum).

  2. You will receive an initial proof of your invitation suite within seven business days of placing your order. Please review all of the information carefully and make sure everything looks as it should! One revision is included after you see the first proof: this covers any changes to information/wording as well as slight tweaks to the calligraphy. Please note that once you have approved the second and final proof, no more changes can be made. **See Terms and Conditions for requirements on the Client’s response time throughout the semi-custom design process.**

  3. Once you have approved the final proof, your files will be sent to the printer. Printing usually takes about three weeks.

  4. Any additional embellishments and/or envelope addressing will be completed after your invitations are printed. Please plan on an additional two weeks for these details to be completed.

  5. Your finished invitations will be carefully packaged and shipped to you! Please note that assembly is not included in semi-custom invitation suites. Your suite will be packaged in separate pieces - envelopes, invitations, etc.



Any changes in text, quantity, or suite choice requested after approval of the final proof will incur fees. The finished invitations will not be shipped until any such invoices have been paid in full. 

If the Client approves incorrect text in the final proof (misspellings, spacing error, etc), we will not be held responsible. If the client discovers such an error after printing has taken place, we will pay for 20% of the reprinting costs and the client will be responsible for all remaining costs. If the prints the client receives do not match the approved proof, we will be responsible for reprinting all affected items free of charge.

If the Clients' items are damaged before they leave our studio, we will take full responsibility for reprinting your items free of charge. We cannot accept full responsibility if your items are damaged in the mail. We will offer to pay for 20% of the cost if you choose to have the invitations reprinted. 

In order to stick to the timeframe of the semi-custom process, the Client must respond promptly to each proof sent by Esther Clark Co. If the Client doesn’t send either revision requests or print approval to the initial proof within one week, the Client will receive a warning notification from Esther Clark Co. If the Client fails to respond to the warning notification within ten days from when the order was placed, the order will be canceled. The Client is required to respond to the final concept proofs within three days of when the final proofs are sent or the order will be canceled. If the Client is aware of any special circumstances prior to ordering that may delay the response time, please notify Esther Clark Co ahead of time so that arrangements can be made. If the Client experiences unexpected, extenuating circumstances during the design process, please notify Esther Clark Co and the order will remain open.

The Client accepts that - while we have done our best to portray these accurately - ink, paper, and envelope colors may appear slightly different in hand than they appear on screen. 

If the Client is using handmade paper, he/she accepts that each card and envelope will vary in shape, size, texture, and color. This is part of the loveliness of handmade paper and we feel that it adds beauty to the design.

Due to the artisan and custom nature of our product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

If the Client is ordering from outside the United States of America, the Client may be required to pay tariff or a GST for your items. It is the Client’s responsibility to know the terms of such fees in his or her own country. It is also the Client’s responsibility to pay this fee.

All artwork is copyrighted and is the sole property of Esther Clark Co.. No designs can be duplicated, re-used, or derived from in any way.

By placing your order, you are agreeing to all of the above terms and conditions.



All website prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include shipping or postage. We do everything we can to make sure prices are correct, but if an item is listed and purchased at an incorrect price, Esther Clark Co retains the right to cancel and refund the purchase.



Your invitations will arrive in your mailbox five to six weeks after you place your order. If you would like additional embellishments such as envelope addressing or wax seals, or if you choose handmade paper, please allow an additional two weeks. If you are ordering internationally, also plan on an additional week for shipping.



Orders are currently limited to 50 - 200 invitations. Please contact us for a custom quote if you need a smaller or larger number of invitations. Ordering 10 - 15 extra invitations is highly recommended! Extras are helpful in case you have last-minute additions to your guest list, and can also be kept at a meaningful reminder of your day!



There are three different paper options: cardstock, cotton paper, and handmade paper. 

Cotton Cardstock is the only paper that can be used for digital printing. Its weight is 110 lb. and it has a soft eggshell finish, and the edges are clean and straight. 

#220 Cotton Paper is one of two options for letterpress and metallic foil printing. It has a soft, fine matte texture, the edges are clean and straight, and the weight is lusciously heavy at 220 lb. 

Handmade Paper is the second option that can be used for letterpress and metallic foil printing. The paper is textured and the edges will be deckled. It is a slightly lighter weight at 90 lbs. If you choose handmade paper for your invitations, each piece of your suite will be larger than the corresponding cotton/cardstock paper size. It will also take at least an additional two weeks to ship your order if you choose handmade paper. Please note: the printer isn’t able to register deckle-edged paper as precisely as straight-edged paper. The registration of the text may be very slightly off, but this won’t be highly noticeable. Due to the handmade nature of the product, there will be imperfections and differences between each sheet. We feel that this only adds to its beauty, but handmade paper isn’t recommended for the couple that wants a very clean and consistent look. Handmade envelopes do NOT come pre-glued; a complimentary gluestick will be included in your order. If you wish to receive your envelopes with glue applied to the flaps, please contact Esther for pricing.




Digital printing consists of a high-quality laser printer transferring the design onto paper. The finished invitation will look crisp, clean, and smooth. Only available with cardstock. 

Letterpress printing uses a plate to press ink down into the paper. The entire invitation will have a debossed look; you will be able to run your fingers over the paper and feel the deep impression of the design. Available with either cotton or handmade papers.

Foil printing is done with a heavy plate and sheets of delicate metallic film. Using heat and pressure, the plates transfer the foil from the film to the paper and seals it there. The impression is lighter than letterpress printing, and the overall finish is shiny and lavish. Available with either cotton or handmade papers.



We have carefully selected a range of envelope color choices for your invitation suite. Each color coordinates beautifully with multiple ink colors. 

-Please note that handmade envelopes are only available in Ivory and Mist. Handmade envelopes do NOT come pre-glued; a complimentary gluestick will be included in your order. If you wish to receive your envelopes with glue applied to the flaps, please contact Esther for pricing.

-Stone, Coal, Moss, Midnight, Claret, and Umber envelopes cannot be addressed with digital or letterpress printing, as they are too dark and opaque for non-metallic inks to show well. Foil return address printing must be used for these six envelope colors.



Choose from fourteen elegant ink options. Nine of these colors are available for both digital and letterpress printing. Gold foil, copper foil, rose gold foil, and champagne foil are only available for metallic foil printing. Blind Press is only an option for letterpress; it involves the technique of using an un-inked letterpress plate for a debossed look with no color.


All of our paper choices are offered in natural white (ivory) or pale grey (mist). Handmade paper is available in similar tones to both of the pictured colors (although there will be subtle variances, as this is the character of handmade paper). We recommend ordering our sample kit so that you are able to see the colors you are interested in in person. Black paper is also available by request.



You can choose from three calligraphy styles for your invitation suite. 


The Cora script is graceful and elegant. The letters are rounded with gentle flourishes.


Flourished and luxurious, the Elizabeth script is our take on a more formal calligraphy style.


Carefree and lilting, like antique handwriting, the Caroline script is timeless and organic.


The Isobel script is our only lowercase option. It is playful and whimsical, yet flowing and lovely.




There are two font options: serif and sans serif. Both are carefully selected to be artistic elements of your invitation suite. 



Interested in customizing your suite further? View the Embellishments tab under "Semi-Custom Collection" for a selection of additions, such as calligraphy guest addressing, detail cards, and wax seals. For other embellishments, (such as vintage stamps, silk ribbon, or twine) please contact Esther here for pricing and availability.