Spring + Summer Wear Count


Shortly after I started being more intentional about my wardrobe, I learned about the idea of a Wear Count. I first heard about it reading the Style Bee blog; Lee Vosburg has been so inspiring to me throughout my slow fashion journey and so I was really interested to give the Wear Count exercise a try!

A Wear Count is pretty self-explanatory - you just write down each item you wear throughout the course of a month and keep track of how many times you wear each piece. At the end of the month, you can look back on your log for a really clear picture of what items you wore the most and least. Designer that I am, I’ve used Adobe Illustrator for my log, haha. Writing in a notebook or using an Excel spreadsheet would be a more conventional (and more sensible) way to track this kind of information, but I spend at least 50% of every day in Illustrator so it’s just what works for me. I haven’t done a wear count every month because I don’t always like having to keep track of what I’m wearing, but I’m planning to do it at least one month of every season so I can compare and contrast! So far I’ve done Spring and Summer and there are definitely some interesting insights I’ve discovered. Listed below are some of my data and findings!



April Wear Count

26 tops

10 pants

3 dresses + jumpsuits

7 shoes

4 outerwear/accessories

50 items total

Most worn items: Babaa cardigan (7), Agolde Jeans (7), Aquatalia Boots (6), Paloma Mule (11), Clyde Jacket (13)

This month, most items were only worn 1 - 4 times. There were a handful of items (cardigan, jeans, a jacket, two pairs of shoes) that got worn far more than the other pieces. I wore nine more items in April than in July, which I imagine is due to Minnesota Aprils being completely unpredictable weather-wise. This April we had beautiful, sunny 60-degree days and we also got several feet of snow at the end of the month! I was also really impressed to see that my Clyde jacket already made it almost halfway to 30 wears in one month alone!

april4 2.jpeg
april1 2.jpeg
april2 2.jpeg
april3 2.jpeg
april5 2.jpeg


July Wear Count

18 tops

9 pants

7 skirts + dresses

7 shoes

41 items total

Most worn items: Woven Mules (7), Caned Sandals (5), Day Heel (5), Day Glove (8), Linen Florence Pants (4), Tank Dress (4)

In July, the only items that had a clear majority were shoes. Most items were only worn 1 - 3 times, with a couple of pieces being worn 4 times. I reached for lots less tops than I did in April, probably because layering isn’t necessary in the summer. I also wore lots more dresses and skirts this month. Another significant difference between the two months is that I was working as a barista during April, so I was doing more varied tasks than I am now that I only work from home every day. I always dressed in a sort of jeans and t-shirt ‘uniform’ for my barista shifts and often changed into a different outfit once I got home.

jul2 2.jpeg
jul4 2.jpeg
jul5 2.jpeg
jul6 2.jpeg

One of the reasons I was interested in doing a Wear Count is because I like to keep a really lean closet and wanted to be aware of which items I don’t really use. Based on pieces that I didn’t wear at all (or much) either month, I removed five items from my closet in July. I did a partial trade of my linen Andy pants for a discontinued ES Lara top, and I used the remaining money towards a Dôen top from their recent warehouse sale. I sold two linen button-ups that had only been worn twice each since I purchased them in March. I also sold a tunic and a wrap dress and used the money towards a Reformation top that I’ve worn frequently over the summer. I haven’t missed any of the old items yet! It’s been so satisfying to see the pieces that I wasn’t reaching for go to homes where they’ll be much more worn, and also to replace them with pieces that will be a better fit for my lifestyle and closet.

I was also interested to see which items got worn during both seasons, and will be even more interested to see how many of these pieces make it into my Wear Count for all seasons of the year!


Georgia Tee - Elizabeth Suzann

Harper Tunic - Elizabeth Suzann

Petra Crop - Elizabeth Suzann

Marlena Tank (Discontinued and linked to similar) - Elizabeth Suzann

Florence Pants (Silk) - Elizabeth Suzann

Florence Pants (Linen) - Elizabeth Suzann

Andy Pants (Silk) - Elizabeth Suzann

Tilda Pants (Discontinued and linked to similar) - Elizabeth Suzann

Cheeky Straight Jean - Everlane

Box Tee - Tradlands

Grey Tank Dress - Not Perfect Linen

Checkered Tank - Not Perfect Linen

Paloma Mule - Nisolo Shoes

Emma Clogs - Bryr Clogs

There is a very clear Elizabeth Suzann majority here which came as no surprise! I’ve loved her pieces for so long because of their quality, versatility, and simple but artistic look. It’s affirming for me to see how much my ES clothing gets worn since they are all investment pieces! I think it’s pretty clear from this that the investment is well worth it for me.

My data isn’t 100% accurate because I added new items to my closet after April that I know I would have worn lots that month if I had owned them (ie. my woven mules and Day Gloves). I also lost my Cheeky Straight Jeans for a few weeks in April (I looked all over the whole house only to finally find them tucked wayyyyy back in a dark corner of my closet, haha) and I know I would have worn those a lot more if I had known where they were!

Still, I have really enjoyed my Wear Count experience so far and am looking forward to learning more about my closet through Autumn and Winter! I’m curious to see if my total number of items jumps back up in the autumn when I need to start layering again.

Would you ever try a Wear Count? 



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