Summer Whites + Day Glove Review


Shades of white, cream, and ivory are my favorite colors to wear. I don’t follow the ‘no white after Labor Day’ rule and wear it year-round, but I’m especially drawn to lighter colors in the summer. This is partly because I don’t handle the heat well and love to stay cool, and also because I’m always afraid of staining my pale-colored clothing in the slushy winter months! But the top reason I’m drawn to white is because I just feel good in the color. It goes with everything and lends every outfit such an airy, light look. Unsurprisingly, many of my staple summer items are in the white to cream spectrum, and I wanted to share about my favorite new pieces this season:

The Poplin Wrap Top: Everlane | Lara Top: Reformation | Aura Short: Harly Jae | Day Gloves Flats: Everlane

First up is the Poplin Wrap Top from Everlane. I was so excited when Everlane sent me this shirt! I went with my normal 00 and found that it runs a little large, but since it’s a wrap top the sizing is more adjustable and flexible. The fabric is a 100% cotton poplin, and it is so light and breathable. The sleeves hit below the elbow, but the material is so cool and gentle on the skin that it still feels summer-appropriate. The fabric isn’t completely opaque, but there is little-to-no show-through with a light-colored bra. The sleeves flare out slightly below the elbow and are then gathered by a band at the wrist, which results in a subtle puffed sleeve look. Puffed sleeves are definitely trending right now, and I find that this top hits the perfect balance of being on-trend and practical at the same time because there isn’t too much volume in the sleeves. This will also be helpful for easy layering under a cardigan later in the year! Perhaps the best thing about wrap tops are how effortlessly stylish and versatile they are. My favorite way to wear this one is with the tie just off to one side, but it can also be tied in the back for a completely different silhouette. It’s also easy to dress this top up or down: try it styled with jeans for a casual weekend outfit, or pair it with straight trousers for an office-appropriate look.


Poplin Wrap Top: Everlane | Cheeky Straight Jean: Everlane | Day Glove: Everlane


Another piece I’ve been wearing lots this summer is the Lara top from Reformation. This was my first Reformation purchase, and I’ve been so pleased with it! I’m quite devoted to period dramas, and I’ve been re-watching Victoria over the last several weeks. I was completely taken with the necklines of Jenna Coleman’s gorgeous dresses and soft, cottony white nightgowns throughout the show. I was so inspired that I spent hours searching for a top or dress that had a similar neckline (but with a more modern twist)! I eventually landed on the Lara top, and it’s been everything I was hoping for. The neckline has a pretty, feminine ruffle, and the overall shape of the top - with it’s nearly-off-the-shoulder-sleeves and square neckline - is so dreamy and whimsical. The shape of the top highlights the collarbone area beautifully and definitely nods back to Victorian-era off-the-shoulder styles. It’s everything that is delicate and lovely and makes such a fun addition to my wardrobe, which is mostly filled with more structured, simple pieces. Finally, the fabric is so soft and comfortable, with just the right amount of stretch. This top has been a wonderful, cool summer piece when paired with shorts, and I also love it tucked into a long linen skirt or high-waisted pants!


Lara Top: Reformation | Easy Short: Hackwith Design House | Day Glove: Everlane


The Aura Short by Harley Jae is another ivory/white piece I can’t get enough of! I talked about these briefly in my last post about closet essentials, but I wanted to highlight them more because they’ve been in heavy rotation all summer. I purchased these in late spring because I had no shorts at all, which was definitely not going to work! I was looking for something that was easy and comfortable, something that would be a little nicer and more dressy-looking than a pair of cutoffs. I love wearing looser pants that have a high waist cinched with elastic, so I kept my eyes open for a similar silhouette for my shorts. I am so happy I went with this pair! The fabric is made of a bamboo and hemp blend that has a subtle chevron pattern. The material is so soft, and the pattern adds a beautiful texture and sheen to the design. I love the extra-high waist, wide waistband, and longer mid-thigh length. I haven’t ever owned anything quite like these shorts, and I love how they elevate any top I wear them with. They’re comfortable, classy, and help to lengthen my very short legs all at the same time.


Reversible Wrap Top: Formation Design Studio | Aura Short: Harly Jae | Day Glove: Everlane


The final piece I want to highlight in this post is the much-loved Day Glove, also from Everlane. I am not a flats kind of girl, and I honestly can’t remember the last time I owned a pair. However, I had heard nothing but rave reviews of the Day Glove since their release over a year ago, and I finally decided to give them a try. I took my time deciding on color - there are so many good options! - but finally settled on the Cream because I wanted something really low-profile. I’ve been thrilled with the color; it’s just a hint lighter than my natural skin tone and really melts into my foot for a barely-there look, which is exactly what I wanted. I ordered my usual size 6 and found that these fit perfectly across the toe area but were just slightly too long overall. I thought about sending them back and trying a half-size down for a true glove-like fit, but I was afraid they’d be too tight in the toes so I stuck with the 6. 

When I first put the Day Gloves on (immediately after pulling them out of the box, ha!), I couldn’t believe how soft the leather was. It legitimately feels like butter and started molding to my feet right away. I’ve never felt a softer leather. I was also immediately impressed with the shape of the flat. Most flats just barely cover your toes, but these come up about an inch or so above the toe area. This helps the shape of the shoe feels so much more long and elegant than a normal flat, and it’s the main style feature that won me over. I was also pleasantly surprised at how well the little side vent holes worked, keeping my feet ventilated and relatively cool even when walking for miles on a hot day.


The first day I had these, I wore them all around the house right after they arrived, took them out on errands, and finally wore them on an evening walk. We walked quite a ways, and by the time we got back to the car, my heels had some painful blisters. I was a little surprised by this because it seems like they have no break-in period for most people. However, I’m fairly sure the reason the blisters formed is because the flats are just slightly too long for me, which caused my heel to slip around a bit while walking. The blisters persisted through the next few wears, but it was nothing outside the realm of normal for breaking in leather shoes. I’m now able to wear them on long walks again and they’re almost perfectly comfortable. The soles are wonderfully padded and I genuinely feel like I’m walking in tennis shoes! Besides the blistering I had, these are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn. 

There are a few of my favorite white summer pieces! I hope some of these outfits are inspiring and that my review of the Day Glove is helpful if you’ve been considering them!



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