Summer Staples with Everlane


After an unbearably long Minnesota winter that lasted from early November until the end of April, I am so thrilled that it’s finally summer! I always look forward to walking around outside without a coat, not to mention the longer evenings, generally sunny weather, and delicious food that Aaron cooks on the grill! However, dressing for summer isn’t always my favorite. I love layering and I’m usually a little less comfortable with lots of skin showing.


Enter Everlane and their beautiful, classic, quality pieces. I mentioned on Instagram a little while ago that I was accepted as an Everlane affiliate, and this is my first blog post written in collaboration with the brand. I’ve been a huge supporter of Everlane for years: I made my first purchase (The Street Shoe) in 2015 and Everlane has been a staple in my closet ever since! They are my go-to for denim, basic staples like t-shirts, sweaters, shoes, and even undergarments! The quality of Everlane clothing is top-notch, and they work closely with their factories to maintain a healthy environment for their workers. They are also careful to keep any negative impact on the environment as low as possible, and they are very transparent about all of their endeavors. In addition, Everlane keeps their prices very affordable, which makes the brand much more accessible than lots of slow fashion brands. You can read more about their sustainability practices here. I am so thrilled that I have the chance to be an affiliate for a brand that I have supported for so long! Two of the pieces in this post were gifted to me, and the others I purchased myself.


Let’s start out with the Cotton Weave Collarless Shirtdress, which was so kindly sent to me by Everlane. For reference, I am 5’3, and my waist is 23.5 inches, and my bust and hips are both 33 inches. I ordered a 00 in the dress and the fit is perfect; roomy, but not too loose. I can already tell that this dress is going to be something I reach for frequently this season (in fact, I’ve worn it three times since receiving it a week ago, ha!), and I’m really looking forward to styling it for fall and spring weather, as well. The whole idea behind the Cotton Weave Collarless Shirtdress is that it’s a really easy, stylish one-and-done outfit that looks polished and chic without much effort. And it definitely delivers! The dress is 100% cotton, which makes it really breathable and cool. I was a little skeptical of it working well for me in the summer because of the longer sleeves, but I wore it on a mid-80 degree day and felt comfortable all day long. The cotton is soft and textured and feels really lovely against the skin - even better than I was expecting from the photos. I would normally choose the feel of linen over cotton every time, but I was very pleasantly surprised by the cotton weave fabric. The Cotton Weave Shirtdress is available in four colors: I got navy/white mini stripe, and there’s also a plain navy, covert green (which is a gorgeous olive tone) and blue/white wide stripe.


There are a lot of things that I really love about this dress. It hits me a couple of inches above the knee, which is a wonderful length; it’s long enough that I’m not worried about flashing anyone, but it’s still short enough to help me stay cool and to give the effect of lengthening my short legs. I do want to note here that I’m quite a bit shorter than the Everlane model at 5’3,” so it does look significantly longer on me than is shown on the website.


The sleeves are Everlane’s ‘blouson’ style, meaning that they flare slightly towards the ends and are then gathered in at a tight cuff, which creates a gentle puff sleeve. They are whimsical and feminine, and I love the chic feel that they lend to the dress while still remaining practical and not overly voluminous. I initially balked a little bit at the longer sleeves because I work with my hands and generally prefer my sleeves to be either short or pushed back behind my elbows. I was skeptical of how well that would work with this dress, but they stayed out of the way really nicely whenever I needed them to. The belt is wide, so it tapers in at the knot and forms an elegant silhouette at the waist. I also really liked the simple, no-fuss collarless style. Last but not least, the dress has pockets, which is always a huge plus! They’re big enough to be practical, but are also smooth and low profile so there’s no added volume near the hips.


Everlane: Cotton Weave Collarless Shirtdress and Day Heel | Windblown Jewelry: Uplifted Necklace | Jewels & Aces: Earring Capsule


I wore this piece styled very simply because it was a warm summer day - I just added a brass necklace, earrings, and shoes and called it good, which is right in line with how the dress was designed! But I could tell immediately that it is going to be really versatile, and I’m looking forward to styling it in lots of different ways. The dress would look great un-belted for a more relaxed look, with a blazer for working in an office, over jeans on a cooler day, with a cardigan in the spring or fall, with a sweater over the top for a shirt and skirt kind of look, or even unbuttoned all the way down and used as a jacket. It can be dressed up with jewelry and a nice pair of heels, or it can be dressed down with mules or tennis shoes and a sweater.


On Friday morning, I put this on right away and wore it throughout the entire day to really see how it felt. I sometimes get tired of wearing dresses after a few hours and swap to a shirt and pants, but I didn’t feel the desire to do that at any point with this dress! I wore it to coffee with Aaron in the morning, through the entire workday in my studio, and then out again for dinner and drinks in the evening. I would have happily worn it on our usual evening walk, as well, but rain came along and canceled our plans.


The only con that I could find in the dress is that the fabric wrinkles a little bit, which is to be expected with cotton. I don’t mind a slightly rumpled look, but the cotton weave material would iron or steam very easily for a more professional, clean style. I also noticed that the dress stretched a small amount throughout the day (mostly at the tied waistband and the sleeve cuffs), but it was minor and would certainly shrink back after being washed. 


The shoes that I paired the Cotton Weave Collarless Shirtdress with are the Day Heel in natural suede, also kindly gifted to me by Everlane. I have been eyeing the Day Heel for months and months and was so excited to give this pair a try! I was really nervous about wearing such a light-colored shoe, but I’m happy to report that the pale suede held up really well throughout the day! I absolutely love the texture and look of suede, and most of my shoes are in shades of tan or brown so the lighter color really filled a hole for me. I did spill my drink on the heels on Friday night (classic), but with a little elbow grease the stain came right out and the shoes are good as new! 


I honestly haven’t worn a pair of heels in years! I’ve either worked as a barista or worked from home since 2013, so I never really saw the need to own a dressier shoe. However, in the last few months I’ve really been missing a shoe that would add instant polish to my outfit, and these fit the bill so, so well. The heel is the ideal size; it adds some height to my petite frame, but is still really easy to walk in. I’m one of those people who is driven crazy by ‘toe cleavage,’ and the toe of the Day Heel covers all of my toes no problem. I also absolutely love how easy it is to slip right into these shoes, and the loop + elastic at the back really help with that. 


The Day Heel is called the Day Heel because they’re supposed to be comfortable enough to walk in all day long, despite the fact that they’re heels. I had read a few reviews suggesting that sizing up is a good idea in this style, but I stuck with my normal size (6) because I didn’t want the shoes to slip off my feet as I walked. I originally planned to wear the Day Heel all day to see if they held up to the hype, but it felt a little pointless to have them on at my desk in my studio so I didn’t stick to that. Still, I did wear them for a good number of hours, and while I found them to be mostly comfortable, I think it’ll take a few more wears to break them in for that really perfect fit. I noticed a slight hot spot on the outer ball of my right foot, but it was only minor and I’m confident that the leather will relax and mold well to my feet over the next few wears (update: I also wore these most of the day on Sunday and already felt a significant improvement. There is a break-in phase, but it’s quick and mostly painless). My biggest concern was that the shoes would slip off at the back, and while that did happen once, I really liked the way that the gathered heel area helped them stay on. It took me a few minutes to adjust to walking in heels again (I’ve been living in mules and boots for so long), but the transition was easier than I thought and I really enjoyed how lightweight the heels felt.


I have a normal foot - neither wide nor narrow - and I found that these ran true to size. I wouldn’t mind a tiny bit more space in the toe area, but I think a larger size would mean that the heels would be more prone to slipping off my feet so I’m happy I stuck with my normal 6. I absolutely love the clean lines and simple, elegant style of the Day Heel, and I won’t be at all surprised if I end up adding the Pecan leather color to my wardrobe before too long.


I also wanted to briefly mention a couple of other Everlane items that I added to my closet for the summer weather and have been so impressed with! I went into this season with only a couple of sleeveless, warm-weather-appropriate tops, so I ordered the Air Cami and the Clean Silk Cami to fill that hole in my closet. I have been so happy that I added these pieces this year! 


Everlane: Clean Silk Cami | Elizabeth Suzann: Florence Pant | Everlane: Day Heel | Windblown Jewelry: Uplifted Necklace

Silk is one of my top favorite fabrics to wear, and The Clean Silk Cami is no exception to that rule. The fabric is smooth, light, and so flowy. I ordered the Grey-White color (size 0) and the double-lining really prevents even such a pale color from being sheer. I have used nude undergarments and there has been absolutely no show-through. I really love the simple design of the tank; the spaghetti straps are very delicate, and the scoop neck is elegant and chic. The cami is long enough to tuck in easily (my preferred way to style pretty much any top), but would also look really pretty un-tucked. I’ve only worn the Clean Silk Cami on the hottest days of the summer so far, but it would also look great under a blazer for work, and I’m sure I’ll layer it under cardigans to stretch it through into cooler seasons!


Everlane: Air Cami | Elizabeth Suzann: Florence Pant | Everlane: Day Heel | Windblown Jewelry: Uplifted Necklace

I have also been really happy with the Air Cami, which I ordered in black (XS). I am normally an XXS in Everlane tops, but I sometimes size up to an XS because of my bust. I think I could have gone with XXS here because it is designed to have a relaxed fit - I ended up sending it through the washer and dryer once and was really happy with the fit afterwards. The Air Cami is made out of a very light cotton that is slightly sheer, which once again makes it perfect for those unbearably hot summer days. The cotton is so soft and drapes beautifully, which makes this tank perfect for tucking in or leaving untucked. It has a curved hemline, which is a really nice detail that elevates the style! Since I ordered the cami in black, I haven’t had any issues with sheerness, but I might be a little concerned about that in a lighter color. The double-v neckline of the cami is such a fun detail; I am all about a dramatic back, and it also helps with keeping me cool! The straps are just wide enough for normal bra straps, but I prefer to wear a strapless option just so I don’t have to think about it at all.


All four of these pieces are going to be staples for my summer wardrobe and I’m so excited to continue wearing them throughout the course of the year! I hope that hearing my take on these items has been helpful and informative. I’m happy to answer any questions and would love to hear about your Everlane favorites in the comments below! 


All opinions are my own, and this post is not sponsored by Everlane. It does contain affiliate links, which gives me a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support! The Cotton Weave Collarless Shirtdress and the Day Heel were gifted to me.