Button-Up Three Ways


This is my first outfit post and I’m both excited and a little nervous to share it with you! I decided to keep things simple and classic with a button-up and several different ways I’ve been wearing mine so far this spring. 

I haven’t really enjoyed wearing button-ups in the past, for some reason, but something changed this year and now I can’t get enough of them! I absolutely love how versatile they are, and a good button-up is such a classic piece that won’t get old or go out of style. The top in these photos is the first one I got this season, and since then I’ve purchased three more button-ups to fill the gap that I had in my closet for basic, go-with-anything tops.

The button-up I chose for this post is the Box Top in Emerald Bamboo by Tradlands. I am an affiliate with Tradlands and they are the first company that reached out to work with me, so they hold a really special place in my heart! Tradlands specializes in high-quality, well-made basics that are menswear-inspired and will stand the test of time. They are a small team of four amazing women, which speaks to me even more, as I also run a small business with a very small staff! They are committed to sustainability and ethical practices, which you can read more about here.

The Box Top fits so well in my closet and definitely embodies everything that Tradlands stands for. The fit is spot-on! Tradlands uses eight buttons to eliminate gaping or poor fit in the bust which I really value. There is also a really lovely curved hem that adds so much interest to the shape of this top. Bamboo isn’t a fabric that I’ve tried before, but I’ve been so happy with it; it’s so soft and comfortable, and it drapes beautifully. I also love the rich, deep green Emerald color! I’m all about neutrals, but this top is the perfect pop of color in my wardrobe. It’s brighter and richer than anything else I own, but it’s still neutral enough that it works well with most of my bottoms and cardigans and I still feel comfortable in it! Now, let’s look at some different ways to style the Box Top.

Loose and untucked.

The first way that I styled this top is the simplest. I wanted to highlight the lovely drape of the fabric and also the unique hem! The curved hemline makes the un-tucked look so much more flattering and prevented me from feeling frumpy, even though the fit of the top is a little oversized. I paired the top with my favorite black skinny jeans and a pair of woven mules and could have been good to go. However, I chose to add a sculptural pair of statement earrings and braid my hair to add a little more interest to the simple way I styled this! I felt really artsy in this outfit, and I love how simple and easy to throw on it is! I felt put together but still casual, and the look was so comfortable. I’d wear this outfit for just about any casual occasion!


Everlane: Cigarette Jean | St. Agni: Woven Paris Mules in Almond | Shop Indio: Kelsie Earrings


Tucked into a skirt with a v-neck.

I wanted to get a little more creative with styling my Box top, so I tried unbuttoning the top three buttons and opening the collar, so that the lapels lay flat against my collarbone and shoulders instead of staying up around my neck. I haven’t styled button-ups this way before, and while it wouldn’t work with every neckline (i.e. a Peter Pan style collar), I really love the look with this top! The soft bamboo fabric helps the collar lie flat, and it stayed in place well while I was taking photos. For a slightly dressier and more summer-appropriate look, I paired the top with my linen Bel skirt from Elizabeth Suzann. I love the contrast of the textured flax linen with the smooth, deep green of the top! The high-waisted skirt also adds length and height to my petite figure. I opted to wear tan-colored clogs for footwear to tie in with my skirt and then added a simple, delicate gold necklace to complete the look. This is a dressier way to style the button-up, and I’d be most likely to wear it on a date with Aaron or to dinner with friends or family.

IMG_3688 2.jpeg

Elizabeth Suzann: Bel Skirt | Bryr Clogs: Emma Closed-Toe in Bone Nubuck | Mejuri: Zodiac Necklace (gifted)


Tied at the waist.

My final way of styling the Box Top was also new to me, although I’ve seen many others wear their button-ups this way! I have been loving the look of button-ups being tied at the waist, and I knew this would be the perfect top to try the style out with for the first time. Because of the drape and flow of the fabric, the tie was relaxed and rested easily against my waist, rather than getting in the way or being in danger of falling out. I feel most comfortable when I’m not showing too much skin, so I intentionally kept the hemline of the top at a place where it overlapped with my waistband. I also chose to button the top buttons instead of going with more of a v-neck look, just in case the hemline did ride up and show my stomach at some point! I wanted to accentuate my waist with this look, so I paired the top with a floaty pair of silk Florence pants. Honestly, this outfit really felt like wearing pajamas even though it looks fairly dressy, which is always a win! I really wanted the beauty of each of elegant, well-made piece to speak for itself, so I finished everything off simply with my St. Agni mules and left it at that. This look could work for just about anything - it’s easily comfortable enough for running errands or working from home, but is dressy enough for dinner, drinks, or meetings!

1 2.jpeg
2 2.jpeg
3 2.jpeg
4 2.jpeg
5 2.jpeg
6 2.jpeg

Elizabeth Suzann: Florence Pants | St. Agni: Woven Paris Mules in Almond


I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you might have been encouraged to try wearing a button-up top in a new or creative way! 

All opinions are my own, and this post is not sponsored by Tradlands. It does contain an affiliate link, which gives me small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support! The Box Top in Emerald Bamboo was gifted to me, but I have also purchased items from Tradlands on my own and fully support the company and their ethics!