Thoughts on Squarespace

When I first started my business, I knew that I needed a website. I have heard of businesses that function well without them, but for the end goal I had I knew that a site would be essential. I was pretty intimidated by the thought of trying to find the prefect platform! I am far from computer-savvy, and I'm much more artistic than I am practical. My husband is the one who is gifted at figuring things out through trial and error/Google research - not me! I did my research and found a few top contenders for sites that were supposed to be simple, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.


The platform I decided to try first was Squarespace. I started off as a lifestyle blog (which you can still see if you go way back in my archives...haha!) but quickly changed direction as I realized that my line of work should be in art and design. Squarespace had provided the perfect platform for my blog: a simple, clean, beautiful layout, places for an about page and contact page as well as for the blog content, and a very easy back-end system that was perfect for my lack of computer knowledge! 

colorpoppies 2.jpg

Later on, Squarespace also provided the perfect platform for my illustration and calligraphy work. I kept my about page and my blog, but added portfolio pages as well as a webshop. I was so glad I didn't have to worry about changing platforms when my business changed direction! Since then, I have added more pages to my webshop, increased my number of portfolio pages, and have started using Squarespace as my client proofing platform. I'm still thrilled that it's all easy enough for me to figure out! 


From my very humble beginnings as a lifestyle blogger to my current design business, Squarespace has been the perfect platform for my website! I have loved using it for different purposes as my business has grown and expanded, and I can't wait to see how else I will use it in the future!

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This post has been a sponsored collaboration between myself and Squarespace. All text and opinions are my own.