Big Sur, California

Big Sur is renowned for its beauty. The rugged cliffs, the miles of beach stretching out into the endless's one of the most memorable and mystical coastlines in America. It's the perfect setting for a wild, free spirited, and organic photoshoot.

The sun flares, soft, misty ocean light, and wide expanses of sand and water make this, quite simply, the most dramatic and exquisite shoot I have been a part of. The natural beauty of the area shines on everything else around it, casting a glow upon everything it touches.

The invitation suite is meant to be just as organic and free-spirited. Created on handmade paper in dull blue-grey ink, the suite captures some of the natural, wild beauty of Big Sur. Each piece of stationery is decorated with whimsical foliage illustration and hand-dipped in steely watercolor paint, which recalls the rushing waves of the ocean. 

The envelope liner of the suite is a hand-painted watercolor ocean scene reminiscent of the landscape that inspired it. The style is soft and painterly, the colors of the ocean and sky meld and blend together, and smudged white highlights create the impression of rolling waves.

I honestly don't have much more to say about this shoot, because the photos speak for themselves. Why try to add beauty through words when there is so much beauty present already? Big Sur, you are pure magic.

Photograpy: Kayla Barker Photography / Photography Mentee: Jennifer Clapp Photography / Design: Spreading Lovely / Florals: Michelle Lywood / Venue: Big Sur Bakery / Dress Courtesy of: The Dress Theory / Dress Designer: Bo & Luca / Hair and Make-Up: Beauty by M / Model: Diana Rykun / Rings: Trumpet & Horn / Cake: Lana Yarkin / Runner: Silk & Willow / Ribbons: Frou Frou Chic