Pacific Northwest Collaboration

Sometimes, you find a photographer, and their images just speak to you. There is something about them that is magical, moving, and completely emotive, and you're hooked. That is what happened to me when I saw Alyssa Wilcox's photography. I loved the way she captured moments and images, the way she edited, all of it. I knew I had to work with her! Funnily enough, she contacted me at the exact same time I was going to contact her, and we quickly decided on a collaboration!

I have mentioned before that I absolutely love collaborations, because they give me the freedom to do whatever I want with an invitation suite. This case was no different, and it was oh-so-refreshing to put into reality a suite that had been floating around in my mind for awhile. I used Arpa Handmade Paper in several hues, custom-mixed watercolor ink, vellum, and Silk and Willow twine. I am totally obsessed with vellum; I love the way it adds depth and layering within an invitation, and in this particular suite, I love how bits of the text underneath interact with the illustration on the translucent vellum. The whole thing is sealed with copper wax and pressed with a rose stamp I designed.

When these photos arrived in my inbox, they quite literally took my breath away. When I receive images of my stationery, I am used to seeing it all perfectly styled, wonderful and portfolio-perfect, but without a story. And indeed, it had never occurred to me that there might be a story behind styling stationery before! But, Alyssa captured not only beautifully styled paper goods, but also the story behind it. I felt like I was there in the room, watching as the invitations were laid this way and that. I could almost smell the delicate fragrance of the flowers, and feel the velvet paper with its softly deckled edges and buttery smooth wax seal.

Alyssa also talked her friend Carey, of BleedFoot Florals, into providing some flora for the shoot. The perfect selection of delicate flowers Carey chose, as well as the way she carefully styled each bloom and leaf with the paper, floored me! I can't stop starting at the florals in each photo, and yet, despite all their beauty, they somehow manage to compliment the stationery, rather than detract from it.

I feel so, so blessed to be able to work with talented artists of all kinds all over the USA. This collaboration is the perfect example of why! Alyssa and Carey, you blew me away. 

Photography: Alyssa Wilcox / Florals: BleedFoot Florals