Calligraphy/Hand Lettering

Way back in eighth grade, I was in ULE at my Sioux Falls middle school. We had quite a few options of classes to take, and one quarter, I chose calligraphy. I spent my lunch hour once a week learning the basics of making beautiful script. 

It has been over ten years since I took that calligraphy class, but I still love the art of beautifully crafted handwriting. Since moving to Michigan, I have had more regular hours and more time to spend on creating outside of my job. I've done several hand lettering projects in the past year or so, but in the past few weeks I've started practicing a lot more. And it's been a BLAST. Paired with the vintage-style flowers and leaves I love drawing, hand lettering is one of my new favorite things. Here are a few little pieces....plan on seeing more in the future! These will be added to my Etsy shop; watch for them if you are interested.